One of the designations that you'll run into as you shop for a new car from Frederick Chevrolet of Lebanon is the driveline of the vehicles that you're interested in. The most common designations you'll find are "front-wheel-drive," "all-wheel-drive," or "rear-wheel-drive." While any of these drivelines can perform well across a range of conditions, understanding the differences between them will help you choose which one is best for your typical driving needs in Lititz or Elizabethtown.

Which Tires Get Power On The Roads Of Ephrata?

To move your vehicle forward, the power that the engine produces has to be delivered to the wheels to turn the tires. In a front-wheel-drive vehicle, the two front wheels receive all the power, while in a rear-wheel-drive vehicle, the two rear wheels are the lucky ones. As you might guess, an all-wheel-drive powertrain is designed to dynamically send power to all four wheels at the same time. Ultimately, this designation of which wheels receive power while driving is the difference between these drivelines.

Real-World Performance

It's one thing to understand the difference between various vehicle drivelines. What's really important, though, is to understand how this difference will impact the performance of your Chevy as you drive around Ephrata and Lancaster. Typically, rear-wheel-drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles handle better than front-wheel-drive vehicles under normal driving conditions. This is because the engine's power is being sent, at least partially, to wheels that aren't bearing the weight of the engine. This leaves the front wheels free to provide enhanced steering, especially when accelerating and when taking corners.

If driving conditions are less than ideal, though, it's the all-wheel-drive powertrain that takes the cake. However, in a situation requiring sudden braking, the extra weight added by an all-wheel-drive system may actually be a liability. Plus, if you have winter tires on a front-wheel-drive car, it will typically handle just as well as an all-wheel-drive vehicle.

Find The Right Drivetrain For You Near New Holland

To get a feel for how different drive types handle the roads, give us a call or email to schedule a test drive in a new Chevy, including the 4x4 options in a new Chevy truck or SUV.

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