We at Frederick Chevrolet would like to inform our customers of an issue that has arisen in our industry, auto warranty scams.  There are companies sending emails, direct mail, and making phone calls to our customers telling them "your warranty is about to expire", or "your warranty has expired".  These companies will then offer you incredible deals on third-party warranties.  A third-party warranty is named so because it has no direct business relationship with the product it covers, in this case your vehicle.  These warranties differ vastly from our extended warranty, which use original parts and factory trained technicians to repair your vehicle at our dealership.  Some third-party warranty companies may give you the option to bring your vehicle into our dealership, but the reimbursement process can be a hassle if their company decides they do not want to cover a part and leaves you with the tab.  Other third-party warranty companies turn out to be a complete scam, take your money, and are nowhere to be found when you need them.  This problem has reached such heights that the Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission have issued a warning on auto warranty scams.  Steve Gockley and Mike Altebrando are the F&I Specialists here at Frederick Chevrolet.  They have years of experience at dealing with customers who have purchased third-party warranties and are experts at our extended-warranty.  The best way to protect yourself from auto warranty scams is to do your research and become informed.  The DMV and CarGuru have both written excellent articles that can help you when considering purchasing an auto warranty.  If you have any questions, our F&I specialists would be more than happy to assist you.