Here's Why to Buy the New Chevrolet Sonic

It is one of the spacious yet small cars you can buy. It is well equipped to provide for your daily transportation needs without a hassle. Although you have to spend a little more to get this car, it is a unique kind for its class for Lebanon drivers.

There are a lot of new additional features that it brings to the market. Besides, it comes in sedan and hatchback variants allowing you to choose your favorite. This article guides you on all you need to know before selecting the Sonic.


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This car comes with the 1.4L Turbo ECOTEC 4-cylinder engine standard with Chevrolet cars. You will find this engine rugged and good enough for Ephrata and Elizabethtown roads. If you love all-wheel-drive vehicles, this car may not match your needs, but its front-wheel-drive is enough for a family or business car.

It also features a 6-speed automatic transmission that gives the engine the power it requires. You can effortlessly drive as the car shifts the gears smoothly for a relaxed driving experience. Besides, everyone loves a quiet car, and the Sonic does not disappoint with it. In general, you're in for a unique performance if you buy this car.


There is a massive list of safety features that this car comes alongside driver assistant features. For example, it features Chevrolet standard features like ten airbags, door locks, brake assist, etc. These features help prevent injuries in case of a collision or while ferrying kids on the back seat.

The driver assistant features that you will find in this model include the lane departure warning that helps drivers stick to their proper way. There also is the forward collision warning feature that ensures a safe driving distance. You can park easily with the rear parking sensors that warn you if there's debris on your way.


The Sonic is a techy car with many features that make it more convenient. For instance, it has the standard power windows that you can easily control with a button. It also features a SiriusXM satellite radio alongside a 6-speaker powerful audio system that keeps you entertained as you drive in Lititz.

Another technological feature that we loved most is the 4G hotspot that this car has. You can stay connected to the outside world without any problem.


You will love this car's high-quality but straightforward interior. The dimensions make the car roomy, especially for back seat passengers who require enough room. The car has enough head and legroom for everyone, and that makes a great car.

Your cargo problems get solved with the spacious nature of this car. Besides, you can choose to increase cargo space by lowering the rear seat.


Outside, the Sonic looks excellent and more handsome than most cars in its class. It has 17-inch painted aluminum wheels, automatic headlights, and fog lamps. Its sporty shape makes it look stylish and an excellent pick for anyone who loves sports cars.

There are power wipers, roof rails, and a power sunroof. These are some of the features that make the exterior of this car look enticing. Other features like door handles, spare tire, and front intermittent are all standard on Chevrolet cars, and the Sonic has them.

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